#7daymiracleproject – Day 1

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    The #7daymiracleproject is a 7 day challenge that asks you to commit to 4 things a day, for 7 days.  These four things build a personal platform that allows for amazing things to happen in our lives.  They include healthy nutrition, exercise, kind acts, and personal focus on each of the 7 life miracles (embrace, connect, create, empower, choose, climb and inspire).  Want to check out more information on the #7daymiracleproject?

    Here is my first day of the #7daymiracleproject.


    Day 1


    NUTRITION: I started with a trip to Whole Foods.  I’ve been on the road a bit lately and my kitchen was lacking fresh fruits IMG_3612and vegetables (and much more, for that matter).  Walking through Whole Foods is a little bit like a kid in a candy store.  I love stopping to read about all of their products, how they are sourced, what their story is, etc.  From the many grocery shopping trip tours I’ve taken clients on, I know that all we really ‘need’ exists along the parameter of the store, but I will sometime venture through the aisles, just to see what new products are on the shelves.  As I walked up to the checkout counter, I felt… HAPPY.  It feels good to make decisions that I know are good for me and that I am going to enjoy.  I loved everything in my cart.  I wanted to go home and start cooking right away.


    FITNESS:  I teach plenty of classes throughout the week, but I’ve decided I need to have 30 minutes a day just for me.  So, today I practiced arm balances (with the help of my dogs).  These are yoga poses that require balance and sometimes can look pretty darn cool.  I love picking a few to play with and spend 5 minutes working on each.  Tonight I practiced handstands, handstand scorpions and forearm stands.  Lots of fun.  Can’t wait for tomorrow.



    KIND ACT:  I decided to buy 7 cards that inspired me and send one to someone each day.  For this section, I don’t want to share what I did at great length, because I do not want the praise of the kind act – I want to have done it without expectation of anything in return.  I will just mention I look forward to writing letters to each person I am giving a card to this week – and what ever other kind acts I find!  The person I performed a kind act for texted me tonight to tell me how much it meant to her.  Yay!


    PERSONAL MIRACLE #1 – EMBRACE– This miracle is about living with intention and not putting something off.  I signed up to take an aero silk class that I’ve been thinking about for a while. Exciting!  Feels good.

    What an awesome day.  I can’t wait for tomorrow. #7daymiracleproject


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