Finding Your X Factor

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    I lecture across the country on various topics.  One of the topics I enjoy speaking about is something I have titled, ‘Finding Your X Factor’.   The idea in the lecture is to live the life you dream of by tapping into the talents, inspiration and gifts that you have been given. We spend some time breaking down how to discover what those things are, why we lose sight of them, how to take them back, and how to inspire the world with them.  I encourage people to create their own manifesto to help them live into their visions and radiate in the world.

    As a lecturer, I hope that someone who is sitting in my session will be impacted, inspired and will take my words and to heart.  Sometimes, though, I never know.

    I feel so blessed that someone took the time to let me know how this lecture impacted her.  I received a note and a video from a woman, Mary Beth Neils, who attend a session of mine, during the SCW MANIA Fitness Education conference in Boston in November, 2012.


    Mary Beth from NY. Last I wrote to you my brother and I created our manifestos together. Since than I’ve stayed true to it and started a new fitness program. I had 28 women sign up for 6 weeks and we are going for another 6! I wanted to say thanks for your inspiration!

    I have about 33 woman signed up for my next 6 week class and I plan to do all the same  things with them, so I will keep you posted. I will continue to pass on your manifesto idea and message! I’ll keep in touch. I believe in giving back and that was why I wanted to share this with you. You make a difference!!

    Mary Beth Neils

    Thank YOU Mary Beth.  YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

    Here is the video she made:

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