Grandpa Brought Me A Miracle

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    I have been working on writing a book for the past 5 years.  This book shares 7 key concepts, that when focused on, can move your life in powerful and amazing ways.  The book is called, The 7 Life Miracles, and it is due to release on February 25, 2014.


    In the book, the 7 key concepts are called, ‘The Miracles’.  I developed  the concept of ‘The Miracles’ over the past 37 years, as I have lived an incredible journey.  I have overcome a terminal heart condition, and outlived my life expectancy by more than 3 times as long as doctors predicted.  Like many who go through challenges, while I struggled, I gained strength and learnings along the way.  These learnings became something I started to talk about on a daily basis, to those who asked me for advice on how to overcome.  Eventually, I put these learnings into an organized writing, which became The 7 Life Miracles.


    As I prepare for the launch of the book, I am filled with excitement over the opportunity to share ‘The Miracles’ with the world, but like anyone who is seeing a dream come true, I am at the point where I am taking a deep breath prior to running full steam ahead.  I have been spending time reflecting on the journey to get to this point.


    On Christmas Day, I visited my grandmother. She and I talked about the book launching soon, and how excited we were for it.  As we continued to talk, we began speaking about my grandfather.  My grandfather passed 11 years ago.  He was ‘my guardian angel on earth’ as he referred to himself, and he and I had a special bond that I’ve never had with anyone else.   Grandma shared how she still sees him working in the yard, and can feel his presence often.  Her yard is a big, beautiful open space, which used to have corn, beets, carrots, apple, plum and cherry trees.  It was part farm, part orchard.


    My grandfather loved being out in the yard.  I wasn’t surprised when she let me know she sees him in the yard,  as when I take a walk in the orchard my dogs, I always feel his presence.


    Prior to us leaving my grandmother’s, my pups, Cody and Charlie and I took a walk through the orchard.  This year, we had all of the apple trees cut down.  They had become too much to try to maintain.  The yard seemed so big and vast, without any trees in it.  We walked and the dogs loved how much space they had to run.  I began talking to grandpa, as I usually do when out in the yard.  I told him how excited I was for the book to launch, and hoped he’d be with me through it.  I asked him to always help me to stay focused on delivering the messages of the book.  I then told him that I hoped I was dong things in my life that made him proud and asked him for a little nod – a little message in some way – to let me know he thought I was on track and doing good things.


    I then had a 3 hour drive home and arrived pretty late.  The pups and I were exhausted and just wanted to head to bed, but I had this very strange desire to clean out my first floor coat closet.  It was such a random desire, but yet I found myself in there, pulling out every hat, coat, scarf and glove and rehanging, sorting, and arranging.  As I hung an old coat I hadn’t worn in a few years, it felt heavier than normal. I reached into one of the pockets to find a white paper bag.  It wasn’t heavy, so I was surprised that I thought the coat seemed so much heavier with it in it.  As I opened up the white paper bag, I found a small stone that had the word, ‘Miracles’ etched in it.


    I literally stopped in mid-movement and my mouth dropped open.  I don’t remember ever buying or receiving that stone and I had no idea it was in that pocket.  I smiled and thanked my grandpa, because I interpreted that finding to be a message from him that everything was exactly as it should be.


    Thanks grandpa, for the little boost on Christmas Day.  I hope The 7 Life Miracles not only makes you proud, but inspires other people’s lives for the better all around the world.


    Here’s to our everyday Miracles, which are all around us.


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