Keynote Speaker Skip Vachon

2PLANECRASH 62609Skip Vachon, a successful 24 year old entrepreneur was climbing to new heights in his career and life when one day everything changed.  Skip, an avid pilot, had planned a quick flight on a beautiful Friday evening with his friend to visit his mechanic to make a minor repair.  It was a typical flight, until something went very, very wrong.  With the landing gear stuck in the down position and fuel hemorrhaging out of the tank, the drag and uneven weight distribution made it impossible to maneuver the plane and had no other option than to crash into a forest.  The two suffered numerous broken bones, were bleeding profusely and clinging onto life.  After using his cell phone to call 911, help finally arrived after 30 minutes.  The two were flown by helicopter to a local trauma center to recieve treatment.  Expectations for Skip’s recovery were dismal due to his severe head trauma and was placed into a medically induced coma.


Almost 4 years later, Skip has overcome all predictions to live a full, amazing life.  Skip will share the secrets to overcoming the most treacherous challenges and will inspire you to go out and take flight with your passions and dreams.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you will be forever changed by his story!