Life Coaching

You know the gap between where you are and where you want to be? That’s what we connect.IMG_1190-Edit-2345167738-Oconnect

Julie’s life coaching is transformational. No matter where you are in the life, no matter what has happened, what is happening or what will happen. No matter what you want to accomplish or don’t know what you want to accomplish. No matter if you just want a little guidance during a busy time or life, or have absolutely no idea where you are or where you are heading.

Julie will take you step by step to opening up the door of possibilities in your life and accomplishing anything – anything – that you desire.  Julie will meet with you to talk with you about your interests and goals and can help you to select the package that is best-suited for your needs.



Life Coaching Initial Consult (30 minutes)  – this helps you get to know Julie/Julie gets to know you and you both determine if Julie’s life coaching program is for you!  FREE!

Kick Off Session (60-90 minutes) – skype, in-person or over phone. Julie will help you to put together a vision for your life, set up the milestone goals and the weekly goals it will take to get there. She will also help you to identify the things that could get in the way, the people that will help you and the strengths you can draw upon to make your dreams a reality! – $90


EMPOWERMENT  individual sessions a la carte (30-45 minutes) – skype, in-person or over the phone. Julie meets with you weekly or bi-weekly to review goals, evolve your plan and set new mini-accomplishments to go after to help you to keep moving forward in the direction of your dreams. – $65

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3 month packages (Save $)

EMPOWERMENT Package  – kick off session and meet 2x a month for 3 months – $325 (save $50!)

TRANSFORMATION Package – kick off session and meet 4x a month for 3 months – $575 (save $100!)


6 month packages (Save $$$)

EMPOWERMENT Package  – kick off session and meet 2x a month for 6 months – $575 (save $100!)

TRANSFORMATION Package – kick off session and meet 4x a month for 6 months – $1100 (save $175!)




 To get started, click on the purchase button and you will be directed to Julie’s/Seven Studio’s online store.  Click on the ‘Private Sessions’ link.  You can then book your session on-line or Julie will contact you to personally set up a session during a time that works for you.  Julie recommends committing to a life coaching program for at least 3 months. Studies show 3 months is the timeframe we need for the start of transformational change – but many of Julie’s clients have been clients for years to keep moving all of their dreams forward!



Outcomes of Julie’s life coaching program:

“I always used everything in my life as an excuse.  Julie made me get real with that, cut out the excuses and tackle what I really wanted.  I’ve lost 45 lbs, changed my job for the better, and love eating healthy.  My life has transformed 360 degrees and I couldn’t have done it without Julie.  THANK YOU FOR CHANGING MY LIFE!”

thank you

“I changed my career and now, I love waking up every morning.  I am so happy – I can’t believe it took me so long to have the courage to do this.”

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“I took control of my life and let go of the toxic threads that made me insecure; now that I let go of the people that broke me down, I’ve met people who build me up and I have never been more confident and joyful.”

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“I always wanted to be a musician.  I didn’t know how to get started.  Julie’s step by step plan for me allowed me to play live and cut my first album in 3 months!”