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Julie Wilkes

Founder of ‘Inspire the World Day’, Julie is inspired because of her ‘second chance at life’.  Julie overcame a terminal heart condition that originally gave her a life expectancy of 12 and now loves to share her passion for health with others.  Julie has starred in numerous fitness videos, owns Seven Studios, is an author and motivational speaker.  For more on Julie, click here.


Melanie Ash

Melanie Ash is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Nutrition Specialist and AFFA Certified Group Exercise Instructor. Melanie’s love for fitness and healthy living led her to leave a successful ten year career in TV broadcasting to start her own Personal Training business. She is passionate about helping women reach their health and fitness goals. Melanie believes in fueling the body with whole, natural foods and making exercise fun!


Alexander Chang

Alexander Chang is an accomplished dancer, choreographer, martial artist, model, distance runner and group fitness instructor. Chang began his career in movement as a classically trained dancer in North Eastern Ohio. After a severe knee injury in 1998, he turned to yoga and pilates to rehabilitate his injury – a decision that prevented him from having major surgery.In 2001 Chang moved to central Ohio and took up the practice of Krav Maga, achieving testing as high as Level 3 in the hand-to-hand combat style. During this time he would also practice ninjutsu, capoeria, arnis, tai chi, wu shu, boxing, and ground and knife fighting.

In 2008 Alexander began teaching dance and cardio-based group fitness at Lifetime Fitness and soon expanded into other areas of group fitness, including yoga, kickboxing, strength training and pilates.  After a family tragedy in 2011, Chang took up running as a hobby and in 2012 completed the Columbus Marathon meeting all of his goals: To get to the starting line without injury, to finish without injury and to not come in last!  In 2012 he was asked to teach what became a very popular cardio kickboxing class at the Columbus Commons, and in 2013 he was asked back with the addition of a hip hop cardio class.


Heather Cline Cassels

Heather brings her leadership and great energy to Inspire the World Day, as she and Lauren Hunter share a goal-setting workshop developed by lululemon athletica.


Heather DeSantis

Media Relations and Food Publicist that is passionate about working with growing and emerging food brands. Heather specializes in securing lifestyle, wellness and cooking segments for Television and Radio stations across the country.

Heather serves as the President of the Central Ohio Alzheimer’s Association’s Junior Committee which is a Young Professional Group that raises awareness about Alzheimer’s disease. From her involvement in raising awareness about Alzheimer’s disease Heather developed a strong desire to promote the importance of exercise and nutrition as it relates to healthy aging and Alzheimer’s. Because of that Heather has became a Beach Body Coach to become her healthiest and strongest self and inspire women along the way.

Heather will be teaching – Brain Health & Healthy Aging: PART 1 – What is Alzheimer’s disease? – Basic Information of Disease – 10 Warning Signs PART 2-Gracefully Aging- Things To Do NOW to get you in peak state and health! – Benefits of Proper Nutrition
– Benefits Of Exercise – Importance of positivity/ gratitude PART 3- Vision Boards – the importance of vision boards to reach your fitness and nutrition goals and ensure you enjoy the process of aging- regardless of what stage of life you are at. 
Twitter: @HeatherDeSantis
Facebook: HeatherDeSantis


Charles Gibson

Charles is a Certified Personal Fitness and Kickboxing Instructor. A certified group exercise instructor for over 13 years and a certified personal trainer for 10 and track coach. Charles learned from the best – developing a love for fitness while in the Marine Reserves. His training emphasis includes core and muscular strength, improved balance and endurance. He believes in training movements not just muscles. Expect to get a new and challenging workout with the use of boxing,kickboxing,kbells,trx and few other means that will assist you in reaching your goals. I enjoy seeing my clients improving the quality of their life whether that is making the varsity team, running a faster 5K or just get up and down off the floor playing with the kids. I place a higher importance on balance,flexibility and a stronger spine.


Christine Hannon

Christine Hannon is a personal trainer who seeks to inspire a life that imitates fitness. She teaches clients to train and eat intuitively, to embrace strength as a journey rather than a destination in which one’s greatest ability is adaptation. Classically trained in ballet before studying to be a personal trainer and competing in powerlifting, Christine’s feet continue dance around the globe as she seeks connections between people, places, and ideas. She offers online coaching for clients to achieve their evolving definition of strength from any location, available at

Christine teaches Bootcamp and Strength7 Athletic Performance at Seven Studios. Both classes offer total body strength and conditioning, with Bootcamp focusing more on endurance, and Strength7 AP  focusing more on strength, power, agility, and coordination. Join us for Bootcamp on Monday and Thursday mornings at 6am and Strength7 AP on Thursday evenings at 7pm to look, move, and feel stronger.

Chan Hemintranont

Chan Hemintranont founded PAI Yoga and Fitness in Dublin in July 2010, the 2nd location in Gahanna soon to be opened in September. Her approach to Vinyasa Yoga Flow is creative and rejuvenating.  She loves making people giggle in her class. For Chan, the most fulfilling aspect of opening the studio has been witnessing and nurturing positive changes in PAI members.  Seeing the physical and mental growth of so many aspiring yoga lovers and athletes has further deepened her commitment to sharing her passion with others. 

Get all of your senses heightened as you are guided through breathing technique and a series of yoga poses.  Arrive on your mat exactly where you are with your practice. This class is designed for all level of yoga.  As you leave the class, you will feel invigorated and find a peaceful center; a new sense of being, of completeness.


Sherry Hoff

Sherry brings her passion for yoga to Inspire the World Day by being a part of several of the yoga offerings – from Acro-Yoga, live music yoga, and a guided meditation!


Lauren Hunter

lululemon athletica manager and inspired soul, Lauren Hunter brings energy, positivity and empowerment to everyone she meets!  Join her for a goal-setting session, specifically developed by lululemon athletica!


Andy Juergens

Andy is our keynote speaker at lunch.  He is a special guest who will share inspiration behind how to ‘Live A Powerful Life’ everyday.  Andy’s mother, Jane, is the person who the Jane Juergens Hope Fund has been established in memory of; she lives a beautiful, joyful life that we celebrate.

Megan McKinley

Megan couples her passion for yoga with her life-long talent in competitive figure skating to teach our acro-yoga session.  Megan is easy to learn from – and she breaks things down in such a way that everyone will leave the session feeling successful and powerful!


Scott Mulhollen

Scott owns Dynamic Self-Defense and will be leading two self-defense classes at Inspire the World Day.  Dynamic Self-Defense is a modern martial arts training system that fully prepares you for real types of conflicts.  The best part of dynamic self-defense is the “DYNAMIC” part. Our defense program works for anyone.


Christine Pinkerton

Chris loves to see people smiling, sweating and having fun in her Group Fitness classes.  She’s been leading Zumba® fitness formats since 2008, along with strength and core classes.  Chris is an NASM certified Personal Trainer and has completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2013.  When she’s not leading classes at her studio, Inspire Fitness of Columbus, Chris enjoys spending time with her figure skating daughter and soccer playing son!

Chris will be teaching Zumba®, which is all about moving your body, listening to great music and burning tons of calories.  Zumba® classes are cardio-based, latin and international dance fitness classes.  No experience required.  Ditch the workout, join the party!


Mitch Potterf

Head Coach/ Owner – Fit Club & FC Summer Games

Fit Club is the CrossFit Affiliate of Downtown Columbus, We provide CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting and personal fitness coaching and events.

  • Your food should heal you.
  • Your workout should challenge you.
  • Your people should support you.
  • You can have results or you can have excuses.
  • The common denominator in all of this is You.
  • Quit pretending your “reasons” are anything other than excuses. Do the work, now!

At Inspire the World Day – Mitch will lead a Crossfit 101 class.  You will exercise functionally, intensely,inspirationally and funly

Hannah Siegle

Hannah is a yoga instructor,yoga therapist and blogger. She is passionate about creating classes that are full of freedom and light energy and focus on stepping away from the seriousness of life and an opening of our ability to allow play back into our lives. Her individual yoga therapy sessions combine classical yoga techniques and elements of contemporary body-mind psychology, that encourage a deeper connection with self. You can fine more out about Hannah at


 Lonney  Stokes

Lonney brings his extreme athleticism, coupled with his powerful coaching and encouraging personality to inspire everyone who attends the day.  He loves to see people challenge themselves and get out of their comfort zone.  Lonney will be one of the facilitators of the acro-yoga session in which all participants will learn at least two acro poses.