So, You Want To Be A Fitness Instructor?

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    Hey you.  Yeah you.

    The one in the front row of every fitness class, singing along to the music having a blast.

    Or maybe you.

    The one who loves to inspire people to live their best life and feel good.

    Or maybe you.

    The one who want to make a change in your life and live with more passion and impact the world but don’t know where to begin!


    Well, all I can say is, ‘I’m glad I’ve found you.’

    Being a Group Fitness instructor is one of if not the most rewarding opportunities of my life.  What other opportunity allows you to inspire people, teach people how to feel good about themselves, have fun, make money and do it all in a supportive, healthy environment?   Not many.  Interested?  Read on.

    But being a Group Fitness Instructor is MORE THAN just taking a certification exam online and saying you are ready to go.  A Group Fitness instructor must take the time to really understand the human body, how it works, how it doesn’t work, how it moves, how it doesn’t move.  A Group Fitness Instructor must know how to cater to special populations…. how to teach in such a way that reaches people of various personalities and levels of fitness.   A Group Fitness instructor has to understand how the body might respond to various types of workouts, how to recognize when something isn’t right and how to cue for what the body should be feeling.  A Group Fitness Instructor has to be able to reach people with appropriate language… breaking down complex concepts into sound-bites of information.  A Group Fitness Instructor must know what music beat a class should have.    A Group Fitness Instructor has to understand that people learn differently – there are visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners – and so an Instructor must know how to speak to all of those learning types.  A Group Fitness Instructor has to be interested in staying up to date on the latest science trends in health, while having a solid background in anatomy, kinesiology and physiology.  A Group Fitness Instructor has to know what he/she is legally able to say about nutrition and coach a person to seek the appropriate help.  A Group Fitness Instructor has to be able to stand up, in front of a group of people, smile, and ask them, ‘Are you ready to have the most amazing day?  Let’s do this’.


    A Group Fitness Instructor is responsible for SO MUCH more than most realize.  So much knowledge, content, formatting, instruction, facilitation, and support.  If a Group Fitness Instructor doesn’t have all of the background and knowledge to lead a safe, fun, educational and informative class – they won’t be able to be successful.  And that is the stuff you can’t get in taking a multiple choice certification and saying you are ready to teach.

    Some people go different routes to get their background.  Some order a certification exam, get the big text book, and hope for the best.  I don’t recommend this approach.  Some seek out a mentor to help them along.  This can be successful, if the mentor is willing to give you 50+ of hours of support, instruction, review and feedback.    Some take a college course to learn to be an instructor.  These typically take 3-9 months and can cost anywhere form $3000-7000.

    And, now… LifeTime Academy has created a solution that I feel meets the best of all worlds.  It provides you over 50 hours of education and instruction from a LifeTime Academy Facilitator.  This includes in-person training, lectures, practice and review.  This also includes online lectures, reading and check in’s with your facilitator.  In addition, this also includes office hours open for one-on-one discussions with your facilitor.  The length of time is just right – 8 weeks.  You commit to 2-4 hours a week of labs – that is – practicing and learning with a facilitator, and then another few hours a week online reading and learning with check in points.    You take mini-exams and write essays along the way to give you confidence that you know everything you need to know, and you get plenty of time to apply your knowledge through practice sessions and teachbacks.

    When finish, you are ready to take your ACE (American Council on Exercise) Group Fitness Exam and start teaching right away!

    So to summarize – here is what this program offerss:

    -30 Hours of Online Study (reading, videos, activities, assignments, etc.)

    -16 Hours of in-Club Class Time (2-4 hours per week)

    -4 Hours of Practicum (students attend weekly GF classes & review)

    -INCLUDES the ACE instructor Exam

    The total cost for this is much less than you would think! = $1062 for everything – including the cost of your exam (typically $250 when bought alone).  If you break that down – that is about $15 an hour for the course.

    This is much less expensive than taking a college course, but provides you that extensive one-on-one information you need to feel confident that you have the background, knowledge, practice and courage you need to get out there and change the world for the better!

    Interested?  Good.  I’d love to work with you!  I am honored to be a LifeTime Academy Facilitator and  my next session kicks off in Columbus on June 23th.  We will meet from 3-5ish on Saturdays for 8 weeks and have check in points each week.  You’ll love the online format (super cool learning environment) and you’ll have access to me as often as you need.

    I am here to be your mentor, coach, teacher, and cheerleader.  I can help you to move in the direction of your dreams, and this program is a great choice.

    Ready to sign up?   Click here to get started!


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