Want to Keep Your Resolution? Sign Up For a Race!

As a fitness professional that has been in the industry for over 20 years, I've watched the cyclic patterns of new year's resolutions.  Throughout December, I see people starting to think about what they want to let go of from that year and by the time January comes - people have all out decided, 'THIS IS THE YEAR' and have a 10-fold plan for changing their lives in powerful ways.

For the first 2-3 weeks, this plan is followed perfectly.  People are focused, energized, excited.  But then it happens.  Life.  Life gets in the way. Stress. Change in schedule.  You name it, but whatever 'It' is, 'It' throws us off course and very quickly we go back to old habits and find ourselves back in our old patterns by February.    Fast forward to December.  Repeat.

I am passionate about finding ways to help people to live into that life they dream of and stay more connected to their goals and passions - more than just a month... so I am constantly seeking habits, patterns and programming that individuals who are successful incorporate into their life.  One of the most common elements studies find that people have who are successful at their fitness goals is that they have something they've committed to that they are working towards... yes, they have signed up for a race, an obstacle course, a backpacking trip, a walking tour of Italy, or something that they know if they do not stay focused on their training, they will fail at.  It gives them motivation to keep going.  When we don't have these types of events to work towards, sometimes the idea of 'just getting more fit' can get boring or less meaningful over time - but if you know you are going to be running a race, taking a trip or doing something active - you have a reason to be consistent and get back out there on the training path each day.

So, why not look up a local race in your area few months out and find a training program online from a trusted resource.  In Columbus, the Cap City Half Marathon, Quarter and 5k are at the end of April - maybe just the perfect race to get you and your friends to commit to so that you can have something to keep you focused on your goals and then celebrate at the finish line.  Make it fun,  Make it bite-sized.  Make it something you do with others.  And, watched yourself keep that resolution.

Julie Wilkes